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  1. Clean unit when you see sediment has built up on bottom of inner tank.
  2. Unplug unit, remove lid, and grille and allow paraffin to harden overnight.
  3. The next day, plug in unit for approx.10 minutes to melt edges of hard paraffin “cake” around the inside of the tank. Lay out paper towels to set wax “cake” on.
  4. Press down on one end of the “cake” until it slides out the other end of the unit. Lift out “cake” and place on paper towel, flat side down.
  5. To reuse the clean paraffin, shave off the top quarter-inch (it will appear dirty), and discard.
  6. Blot up remaining paraffin in tank with a soft paper towel and wipe unit dry
  1. To reuse the paraffin, replace the “cake” in the unit, place the grille on top of paraffin, and replace lid.
  2. Plug in the unit.
  3. After paraffin has melted (8-10 hours), add additional wax as necessary to bring up to required level.

Cleaning Paraffin Wax Spills on Carpet, Fabric or Floors

  1. Scrape off as much of the solidified paraffin as possible.
  2. Use a hair dryer or an iron (on top of paper towels) to melt the remaining paraffin, and then blot the melted paraffin up with paper towels.
  3. Use a wax or paraffin removing solution (available at grocery and discount stores). Check fabric care instructions first. If possible, put the item in the washing machine to remove any remaining oil. Dry cleaning solutions and spot removers also work for some items.
  4. For nonporous surfaces, first remove any pieces of solidified paraffin. Then use an all-purpose cleaner. Read the cleaner’s instructions before using.
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