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Full Body Paraffin Treatments - Using Paraffin Strips

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Note: Never completely cover the body in paraffin. Treat only sections at a time.

Paraffin Strips - Body Treatment

  1. Place the Therabath and 4-8 paraffin strips as close to the work area as possible. Suggested areas include: elbows, knees, lower leg/calf, thigh, forearm, back, neck or shoulders.
  2. Holding one end of strip, dip entire strip in paraffin and remove. Hold over Therabath until paraffin stops dripping.
  3. Wrap area to be treated, stretching strips slightly. Apply additional strips, wrapping and overlapping by half so area has at least 2 layers of paraffin coated strips. The more strips, the more heat and length of the therapy.
  4. Leave strips in place for approximately 10 minutes.
  5. Slightly massage strips to loosen and remove.
  6. Discard used strips and repeat as necessary.
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