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Essential Oils

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, 10ml.

Make your own paraffin scent with the added benefits of essential oil features! Simply add a few drops to your Therabath, the Clasic Diffuser, or our hydrating cream and enjoy! See more about adding essential oils to your paraffin treatment.

Wyndmere Naturals Essential Oils are Therapeutic Grade and of the purest, highest quality of the essential oils on the market. Each oil has been individually tested to verify its therapeutic properties.

Essential Oils Available:
Eucalyptus Globulus
French Lavender
Jasmine (10%)
Price ea.

10ml. Single Note

Grapefruit: Has a fresh, sweet citrus aroma that is cheerful and uplifting. It helps support a healthy lymphatic system. Often used to combat odors and freshen your environment.
Eucalyptus Globulus: This sharp camphor smelling oil is invigorating, penetrating and cleansing. Helps support healthy immune and respiratory systems. Its invigorating, penetrating and cleansing qualities make it good to use as a room spray.
French Lavender: Has a light, sweet floral scent. This variety has a softer, more complex scent than the one from Bulgaria but shares many of the same properties. It helps support healthy reproductive, respiratory and lymphatic systems. Use on minor or superficial wounds to help assist the skin's natural healing ability.
Lemongrass: Has a penetrating lemony herbaceous scent. This oil has a very soothing effect on the emotions. Helps support healthy immune and circulatory systems.
Orange: Sweet, fresh and fruity smelling. This oil helps alleviate tension and stress and promotes a positive outlook. It is considered relaxing, uplifting and refreshing. Helps support a healthy immune system. Also wonderful as an air freshener to combat odors and freshen your rooms.
Rosemary: Has a strong, fresh, herbaceous aroma. Its stimulating effect on the brain is good for tasks where alertness, memory recall and being mentally sharp are required. Combine with basil for an enhanced effect. It also helps soothe tired muscles and helps support healthy immune, respiratory and circulatory systems.
Jasmine: Has a warm, rich, floral fragrance known for its aphrodisiac properties. It's calming and emotionally balancing. Helps support healthy reproductive and respiratory systems.

More Information on Wyndmere Naturals:

Experience the difference quality makes!

Wyndmere offers a line of high quality, 100% pure therapeutic essential oils. Wherever possible, we purchase oils distilled from plants that are grown organically, ethically wildcrafted or pesticide free. All of our oils are steam distilled with the exception of the citrus oils which are cold pressed and Jasmine which is an absolute (solvent extracted). Our oils are sourced worldwide and are presented in cobalt blue bottles with attractive and informative labeling that provides you with the common name, the botanical name and the country of origin.

In order for essential oils to be therapeutic, they must not be adulterated with synthetics or diluted with cheaper oils. Wyndmere is committed to providing only the most genuine and authentic pure essential oils. We will not place profit above our customers' satisfaction, and we will never waiver from our commitment to quality.


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