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Legal Information

Registered Trademarks

   Therabath® Paraffin Therapy Bath

   Therabath®PRO™ Professional Grade Paraffin Bath




    ATLAS™ Autonomic Testing Lab and Acquisition System

    Brackmann™ II EMG System

    Bringing Physicians' Ideas to Market™

    CASE™ IV System: Computer Aided Sensory Evaluator

    EZ*Cubes™ Refill Paraffin
    EEGle® EEG Monitor
    Fresh MelonBurst™ Paraffin

    Hilger™ Facial Nerve Monitor
    Lavender Harmony™ Paraffin

    Meridian™ Iontophoretic Drug Delivery Electrode

    Neurologist's Workbench™

    NOMAD Express™ Portable EMG/NCV Diagnostic System
Orange Velvet™ Paraffin

    The Paraffin Specialist™ Since 1962

    PeachE™ Paraffin

    Q-Sweat™ Quantitative Sweat Measurement System

    ScentFree™ Paraffin

    Silverstein™ Adaptor for Continuous Stimulation (SACS™)

    Silverstein™ Facial Nerve Monitor/Stimulator
    State of Art in Autonomic Nervous System Evaluation™

    State of Art in Peripheral Sensory Evaluation™

    State of Art in Sensory Evaluation™


    Superior Systems for Every Need™

    Therabath™ Moisturizing Hand and Body Lotion

    Theracure™ Moisturizing Collagen Lotion

    Theracure™ Pre-treatment Cleansing Spray

    Theraffin® Refill Paraffin Wax
    WR™ Medical Electronics Co.
    WR TestWorks™ Neurological Testing Management Software
    Spa Petite™
    The Paraffin Pioneer™
    Spa Medical™


Patents Allowed

    EZ*Cubes™ (6,190,672)


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