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"We bought an equally priced paraffin bath from another manufacturer. The thermostat became erratic and the wax was either too hot or would film over. We tried to get help, but were bounced around on the phone from one extension to another with no results. We returned the unit and bought a Therabath. It set up trouble-free and is working great!" -- RW, South Berwick, ME

"My Therabath has surpassed my expectations ... it's great!" -- KK, Springfield, VA

"The saying 'you get what you pay for' is so true. I had bought a cheaper model and it only lasted three months. I really like my Therabath." -- MC, Fort Worth, TX

"The best bath out in the market. Patients love it." -- JM, Brantford, ONT

"I appreciate the quality of your Therabath -- my mother's has lasted for years! The therapy is a wonderful relief. Thank you!" -- DL, Pittsburgh, PA

"I often recommend this unit. I gave one to my mother years ago -- it has not missed a beat and has given great relief over the many years. Thanks for the quality product." -- KO, MD, Portsmouth, RI

"We use this for [my aunt's] hands. We had another brand, and were not completely satisfied -- also it quit working." -- SR, Weatherford, TX

"I have used Therabath for the past 18 years ... Would recommend it very highly." -- MS, Limon, CO

"I like the quality and the way your company operates. I like a company who is concerned for me - invites questions. (However, the instructions were very clear.)" -- CW, Chapel Hill, NC

"The Therabath unit has been a very nice addition to our home health program. Thank you for the quality product and service." -- W, Jackson, TN

"Very well packed, easy instructions, compact, easy handling." -- JR, Southfield, MI

"Well made product!" -- KW, Tulsa, OK

"Therabath is a well made easy to use heat therapy system. With rheumatoid arthritis in my hands and wrists it's wonderful. Thank you for making such a fine machine." -- LG, Fern Park, FL

"Very pleased with quality." -- JG, Hudson, NH

"I used [another paraffin spa] for several months but the temperature range on it was erratic, not reliable at all. [Their] service tech said that was normal. This one [Therabath] is constant." -- VM, San Diego, CA

"I like the design, exterior and interior construction, along with the built in handles, along with the fact that it stays on all the time, with low usage of electricity, and last but certainly not least, the paraffin!" -- BA, Kent, WA

"I used to use your paraffin exclusively until I found a cheaper price. However, after months of the other brand, I came to appreciate your quality. In the long run I believe the few pennies saved aren't worth the inferior quality." -- BS, Harris, NY

"I'm a retired hand therapist. I used the Therabath for 20 years in my practice and it was totally reliable." -- LM, Waco, TX

"I am very happy with the use of the Therabath. Its size and versatility make it perfect for my hand needs and the feeling after using it is wonderful." -- RC, Bountiful, UT

"I am very impressed with the quality of the Therabath unit. I had previously purchased another brand and was so dissatisfied with it that I returned it! Quality DOES make a difference!" -- BW, Chino Valley, AZ

"My wax bath has been running constantly for more than 8 years, and it has not skipped a beat -- the paraffin is always maintained at the right temperature." -- HA, Hudson, WI

"I thank you everyday for making this machine. It helps with the soreness in the morning and is great because I am sensitive to cold, making my hands sore and achy." -- MD, Clearlake, CA

"I like the easy removal of the wax, the soothing feel of hands and feet after removing the mitts. I also enjoy the wintergreen fragrance." -- JM, Avalon, PA

"I held out for quality . I have tried my sister's Therabath and also a friend's (from [discount store]). I couldn't believe the difference." -- TK, New Richmond, WI


Recent Testimonials

"I just love the Therabath and am so pleased about the lifetime warranty -- Therabath is GREAT!" -- JC, Minneapolis, MN

"Great unit and easy to use." -- AA, Colorado Springs, CO

"I highly recommend. Feels great on hurting hands, great for dryness on my face." -- DS, Kenosha, WI

"Very pleased with warranty service. [The TherabathPRO is] mainly used by my wife who has bad arthritis in the hand. It gives her great relief." -- JC, Indialantic, FL

"I have been using Therabath for over a year now, off and on. I can tell the difference in how my hands feel when I'm using the Therabath and not using it. My cuticles are healthy and not painful when I'm using it. It also makes wrist movement much easier for exercise and therapy." -- KM, Fremont, CA

"It feels so good to my arthritic hand and finger joints. I can't say enough for this Therabath. Wish everyone could have one to help them." -- AD, Fort Scott, KS

"Love your products." --FS, St. Petersburg, FL

"I was hurting so bad! I needed help with managing the swelling and discomfort. I have so many allergies to medications and wanted the most natural way I could find to get relief. With the help of my doctor as a team we discussed paraffin therapy. As a benefit I could do this at home. It was more cost effective than multiple trips to the rehab center. I've suffered for over a year and paraffin therapy is a daily therapy for me." -- JGF, Rainbow City, AL

Are paraffin treatments sanitary?
See our hygiene page for more information.

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